Welcome to Sanjay Steel Syndicate Syndicate,One Stop Solutions for TMT BARS used in Construcion Industry!

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Welcome to Sanjay Steel Syndicate

Sanjay Steel Syndicate is a pioneer with an innovative automated bar bending CUT N Bend German based machine first time in pune. Sanjay Steel is an emerging company with an computerized machine making work process simple, easy, fast and safety with an add on unique feature free from human error and 100% accurate gurantee in productivity as per RCC consultant in regards of bar bending schedule. An advantages that delivers definite savings upto 20% to 30% and unmatched quality. We emplys top German machinery and French software that covers structureal drawings to BBS to provide you with the best finished product. Any shap can be produced as per the BBS.

  • Minimum Labour Required at site
  • Zero Material Wastage
  • Zero Pilferage
  • Zero Invenntory Cost
  • Quality Assurance
  • Precision
  • 100% BBS Compliance
  • Material Weight can be cross verified against BBS weight
  • Our “CUT N BEND” TMT Bars processing plant is run with the help of a French software. Which converts the drawing to BBS & give instruction to the fully atuomized machines via interface, hence accuracy & speed

    We care your business Best Technical Support
  • A revolution in the field of constructin idustry with an automated machine with high range productivity

    Steps toward technology Best Company Support

Predefined Plan

Automated Machine operated on the basis of predefine plane.

Sofwate Based Machine

Operating Sytem is totally software based.

Target Oriented Machine

We can complete your project with dead line

Safety & Security

Our Machine is fully safety for the operators in production

Our Machines

ProductS Range

Sanjay Steel Syndicate

Reinforcing Steel Cutting Machine, Reinforcing Steel Bar Cutting Machine Reinforcing Steel Bar Bending Machine ...

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CONTACT US- +91-9890900900, 8888777766

Gut No. 459, Village Lonikand Opp. Atlas Capco, Near Adinath Nagar
Nagar Road, Pune
email- info@cutnbendsteel.com

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